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About FIBI

We truly believe in the power of helping others invest without having to receive something in return.

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Welcome to For Investors By Investors!

We bring together successful real estate investors who
are eager and willing to share their experience with you.


What is FIBI?
FOR INVESTORS BY INVESTORS (FIBI) is an environment where investors can learn from other investors, help each other grow and NOT get pitched books, tapes, coaching or boot camps. FIBI is a non-profit organization and does not make any money off of events it curates. We have 19 chapters in 3 states.


What should I expect at a FIBI Chapter Event?
FIBI Chapter Events feature ample networking and panel or round table discussions centered on a topic that is critical to successful investing in real estate. Chapter events take several styles including community roundtable, single speaker and panelist discussions. Topics include investment strategies, business development, economics in the current investing climate, and all things real estate related, in order to educate our members and help them invest correctly and with the proper knowledge base.

Please come check out one of our chapter’s meetings and we promise you will receive beneficial information, superb networking with other real estate investors and most importantly, NO sales pitch.


What is the FIBI Library?
Since everyone can’t attend our meetings, we are now making these meetings available to all. Each month, we will post new podcasts recorded from chapter meetings so you can keep abreast with the latest in real estate investment education from the comfort of your own home. We know you will find this information helpful to enjoy!

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You can attend your first FIBI meeting FREE

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